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Travel to Hong Kong: A place where east and west meet to create a truly unique culture.

Hong Kong, located in China’s Southern Coast, is regarded as one of the most developed cities in Asia. It is also ranked first in the world for the number of skyscrapers it has. It is said that there are about 355 of them in Hong Kong. Do you wish to be a part of this vibrant city then why not make a smart choice today? Look out for flight tickets that are cheaper and why shouldn’t you, because it is possible. Sky Fare Services is here to provide travelers with cheap flight tickets matching their budget. Make advance reservations today andset out for an amazing trip to Hong Kong this holiday.

Why are these places on the top? Find out.

In order to help you out with your decision on what to see in Hong Kong, below we have made a list of few places that’s definitely worth visiting:

• Temple Street Night Market: When darkness hits the city, the streets comes alive with a number of street vendors and street foods on every corner of the city. This night market is one of the most popular market in Hong Kong and here one can try out a variety of Chinese food, buy trinkets and souvenirs which come in plenty.

• Victoria Peak: This peak is the highest point in Hong Kong. The cooling mountain air and the view of the breathtakingly beautiful skyline attract thousands of visitors every year. The path to the top is undeniably a beautiful one and favored by many.

• Man Mo Temple: Amidst the busy and fast-moving city life, there is a place for those who want to spend some quality timealone. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place for some meditation then this is the place to be. This temple is dedicated to Man Cheong, the God of literature, and Mo Tai, the God of war.

• Ladies Market: Ladies, brace up for this one! MongKok is known to be the busiest district on the planet, and after a kilometer of peddling, you come across Tung Choi Street or the Ladies Market. The market is flooded with everything, from cosmetics to clothing, you name it!

Hope you have enjoyed the blog and provided you some details about some must visit places in Hong Kong. If you want to be updated with similar travel updates you can visit Sky Fare Services Site and explore your option.