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The “City of Gold” never settle for anything less than being number one.

Dubai is the largest and the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates. It is a place of high rises and shopping malls, it is no longer a desert post but a destination to enjoy holidays. It is a perfect place for a short break in terms of shopping, dining, sunbathing and sporting events. Dubai has a multiple sightseeing attraction starting from tall buildings to malls as well as desert safari. In order to have fun, buy tickets to Dubai with Sky Fare servicesand make your dream come true of visiting this wonderful place.

Handpicked destinations for you to visit in Dubai

There are plenty of attractions that Dubai offers, if you want to experience the life Dubai has in store for you, make reservations today, grab a ticket impressively cheap, affordable, and make the most of your trip in Dubai. Among many other attractions that Dubai is known for providing its visitors, we have hand-picked top 3 places for you to visit:

BurjKhalifa: It is the tallest skyscraper in Dubai. Since 2009, it is the tallest structure in the world. It has features like the Dubai fountain, observation deck, BurjKhalifaPark, and Ramada observance. One cannot deny the fact that it is a living wonder with stunning work of art, a sight that will leave its spectators speechless. The tower and the neighborhood surrounding the tower is the most centralized one than any other developments in Dubai because of how spectacular it simply is. Brace up, and enjoy the piece of art Dubai has created.

Dubai Mall: It is a shopping mall in Dubai also known as the second-largest mall in the world. The mall has more to it than just being a shopping destination to thousands, it also has the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo in the mall itself. The mall is filled with cinemas, restaurants, and cafes. It is also famously known as the home of the Dubai shopping festival. One step into the mall and you will be mesmerized by how much is going on in the Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Fountain: Another fascinating attraction is the Dubai Foundation. It is known as the world’s largest choreographed fountain systems.At any moment, it is said that the fountain can spray about 22,000 gallons of water in the air. The fountain is a fun place to be around as it has been installed with numerous lights and different colors to be displayed. Various performances also takes place in the fountain as music is played here, ranging from classical to contemporary Arabic music. It is witnessed by tourists from all over the world. The Dubai fountain is thus, favored by many of its visitors.

Do not hesitate to plan a trip to Dubai, make smart use of Sky Fare Services to get cheap flight tickets to Dubai today because adventure awaits you in the city of Dubai.