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Fearlessly Travel to Canada and Set your Soul Free

The location of Canada is in North America. It is the world’s second-largest country with its capital in Ottawa. Canada is sparsely populated and the majority of the land is covered with forest and tundra. Its population is highly urbanized and is concentrated in large and medium-sized cities. The climate of Canada varies from arctic weather to hot summers in the southern part of Canada. The three metropolitan cities are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Popular Destinations in Canada

There are plenty of destinations in Canada, some of them have been selected and enlisted below.

1. Vancouver: TIt is Canada’s densest and ethnically diverse city. The location is surrounded by mountains and also a place for art, theatre and music scene. The Vancouver art gallery houses work by regional artists and also there is a museum of Anthropology. Vancouver is surrounded by ethnic markets like china town and the Punjabi market.

2. Banff: It is a town in the province of Alberta. The skyline is dominated by the peaks of Mt Rundle and Mt Cascade that is part of the Rocky Mountains. The town is filled with boutiques and restaurants and also a souvenir shop.

3. Toronto: It is a major Canadian city and the capital of Ontario. It is a modern metropolis that is filled with skyscrapers and is also popular for CN tower. Toronto has many green spaces in the form of Queen's park to 400 acres High park.

4. Montreal: It is the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province. It is located on an island of St Lawrence River. Montreal is known for the museum of fine arts that displays work from antiquity to present.