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Explore Atlanta: a Dreamy City for Dreamy Travelers

Atlanta is the capital as well as the largest city of Georgia. Atlanta is a vibrant city rich in arts and culture, packed with museums, performing arts, a president library, and much more to its visitors. Atlanta is famous mainly for its ballet, symphony, opera, and theatre. Millions of globetrotters flock in this city just to witness or be a part of this happening art culture.

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Following are some of the places for you to watch out when you are planning a vacation to Atlanta. They are:

• Piedmont Park: This park is a perfect spot for picnicking, a favorite pastime suitable for all seasons. This park is known as the city’s backyard and regarded as one of America’s great urban green spaces. Piedmont Park offers its locals as well as visitors a place to stretch their bodies, be social and enjoy the beautiful outdoor- all for free!

• Gibbs Gardens: One of the best ways to enjoy summer in Atlanta is by visiting Gibbs Gardens, with more than 200 acres of land loaded with blooming flowers and trees, ponds and waterfalls, and garden art and sculptures. The garden is divided into different themes, and 16 individual gardens, created to turn it into one spectacular natural piece of art.

• The Walkable Decatur Square: This place gives its visitors a small-town feel despite the urban explosions surrounding it. If you are looking for a place to simply enjoy a beer on the sidewalks, people-watch, or take cute photos, you are good to go here.

• Arabia Mountain Hike: If you are one that enjoys hitchhiking, then the Arabia Mountain Hike maybe the perfect spot. You can experience nature as you hike along this trail, benefiting from the clear summer skies that add more beauty to the path you are walking on. The landscape is amazing and in the distance, you will see Atlanta sun-rise if you are on time for it.

Hope this blog has given you some ideas aboutsome places you might want toexplore when you are in Atlanta. If you want more detailed information about us, you can always make use of our official site.